"Food" for thought.

I'm an eater. Wait.  That sounds terrible.

How about I thoroughly enjoy a great meal. Or non-meal.  Brunch.  Snack.  Late-night snack.  Mid-night snack.  Mid-afternoon cocktails.  YOU GET THE PICTURE.  I appreciate good food, especially when great company is involved.

Clearly, I'm an emotional eater.  I indulge when I'm sad.  I overindulge when I'm happy.  I have a hard time finding a way to balance it and often times find myself struggling with my jean size, going through waves of "fit and eating healthy" to "where's my cheeseburger?!?!".

This was the case while on theFIX (in which I had worked out hardcore and eaten like a CHAMP beforehand, mind you!).  As much as I love him, I am thankful J.D. De La Torre lives an entire ocean away from me because when it comes to food, he's quite the afficionado and I'm an enabler.  "Why yes, JD, a pizza as an appetizer for the table is a GREAT idea!"  "I don't usually do buffets, but if you say it's Puerta Rican, well then what BETTER way to try a little bit of everything?"

It was a great time, don't get me wrong, and as much as I would love to but the owness of my jiggly arms onto JD, I can't.  He didn't force me to eat In-N-Out, he actually saved me from eating intestines!! (I didn't know!!)

So, I'm hoping adding some juicing and Green Monster Smoothies to my daily mix will get me back in the routine and then I can battle the mental aspect.  I'm just lucky the closest In-N-Out is 3,000 miles away.  Right next to De La Torre.


It was a great trip, and I wouldn't have eaten anything differently!  ;) SO MANY PROPS TO JASMINE, I don't know how she does it!!!!! "Foodies" video by Chach for Showit.