FOR BRIDES: Resources for inspiration to dream come true.

Being an interior designer before I was a wedding photographer, I am always in search of new inspiration, interesting resources, and budget saving ideas for both myself and Brides.  It may be the desire to always be in the know, but it's just in my blood.  I am forever keeping my eyes open for the possible next big thing, and creative ways to make fanciful dreams a reality.  Before there were the well organized boards of Pinterest, I was storing piles of visual references on the more techsavvy site's predecessor We Heart It.  Before there was Etsy, I was scouring Goodwills & Flea Markets for bits of nothing to turn into something.  But wandering the aisles of antique and searching until 3 AM on Etsy is a daunting task, requiring a selective eye and lots of filtering through literal junk.  REGRETSY anyone?  It may just be me, but even though I love a good treasure hunt, I always have a hard time finding the good stuff on Etsy and am always too late in trying to purchase that sold out gold ring on my Pinterest. Luckily, there is Your Cloud Parade, a site that just recently launched hosting gorgeous, fabulous, and radical wedding items and decor.  It's like all of your wedding Pinterest Boards--FOR SALE. AND CAN I JUST LIVE IN THIS WEBSITE DESIGN? Lord have mercy on my pink and glittery soul.




Cloud Parade from Cloud Parade on Vimeo.

Be prepared to get lost for hours, and possibly buy up your entire wedding.  You can find "clouds" (i.e. wedding theme inspiration type "boards") and buy up the entire lot, or, you can pick and choose items to curate your own design.  With genius ideas like these, I am definitely going to want to get married every year.  Let the planning commence!