From the heart up.

Its only day 2 of classes in Vegas and amongst the seemingly bottomless sea of inspirations and learning resources for business, I find I'm learning the most about myself. (Surprise surprise, you said ehy?) How one comes to Vegas to be introduced to new business ideas and winds up in a self reflectory state I don't know, blame it on the yoga, but from all the photographers I meet and business faces I shake hands with, I find myself attracted to not what people do or how logically run their business, strategize, or utilize social media, but how they make me feel. When I believe in someone or something I become emotionally invested. Like, wholeheartedly. What can I say? If I see passion and potential, I'm a believer!  ( Not to be confused with Belieber. I'm not one of those). Even at times when the passion holder isn't (this is where my believing can be to a fault). I aim to follow not what I'm told is what I should do, or what's a smart marketing strategy that I'm not taking advantage of, but my heart. And as I worry that opening myself up and building my business foundations on my heart makes me a lot more vulnerable  and "less strategic" in the business sense it's something that at the end if the day I know I can stand by and be proud of . When even at times that I feel a tinge of doubt that I "shouldn't" go against the grain, I know that if it makes me feel icky I need to move along no matter how logical or lucrative or "get ahead" appeal it may posses. Im a girl who makes decisions based on her emotions, and I'm finding my business ideals shouldn't be any different.


Although I love a good reflecting sesh, on a less bruting and deep note I attended a film shooters event last night that was ammmmazeeeee and now I've totally got tired eye syndrome. I'm. Pooped.

I didnt bring biz cards so instant photos on the spot with my info currently serve as my calling cards. Here's some personal instax film shot on my iPhone.