Getting past those rough days.

Welp, it was bound to happen. Out of these 30 days of blogging I was destined to hit a rough patch at some point.  Yesterday was that day, and as I sat down to "stop thinking and start doing" but my mind simply wouldn't let me go there.  It said "You've been thinking ENOUGH Ashley!  This isn't one of those times where if you sit down and hash it out you will wind up doing your best work.  Your mind is all over the place..."  I figured the best option for me was to go to "my spot".  Somewhere that I could take some time to relax, think or not think.  Let ideas come freely if they wanted or simply be.  Do whatever it was I needed to get back into the groove.  Thus I'm here to admit something that's hard to say on the internet, but yesterday started off as a cruddy day.  For no real reason even.  It happens.  What's important to remember is that tomorrow can change, I've just got to do what it takes to get back to me.  Cheer myself up, because I deserve it.  This isn't the first time I've second guessed myself and my business ideals, and I'm sure it won't be the last, so I'm thankful for the ocean, sunshine, a good novel, and yoga for helping my heart draw my creativity to my head.  Sometimes all we need is to stop thinking to find the very thing we were looking for.  That's usually when my "true inspiration" hits, it's never when I'm thinking hard!





I'm feeling much better today!  :)  Emilia Jane posted this on Pinterest and it was very well suited for my video.  Except fish tacos are my margaritas.