Glamazon Sale: Donate!

I looked at our overflowing closet.  High heels shoes that I never slip on.  Stacks of Goodwill t-shirts Marshall could never possibly wear all of.  We reminded each other of the things the other had thrown out unceremoniously (my "vintage" golf clubs he swears were made of real wood and his flannel jacket, which still elicits a forehead wrinkle).  He jokingly suggested I sell all of our seventeen chairs, I declared I would do no such thing but if he didn't like them I would happily  assign him  one chair to carry around to every room of the house.We laughed at each other's quick wit and agreed that there were certainly some things we could part with.  I decided that if I wanted to make an effort and show truth faith in Christ in sending me to mission trip, I needed to go out on a limb ...and get rid of some stuff.  What better way to get where I want  than to sell the things I don't?  I purged the house and garage as Marshall sweetly volunteered a stack or two of his old school tees (thankyouLord!) but we knew that wouldn't be enough to start a Craigslist worthy yard sale. So!  If YOU live on O'ahu and  have things you've been dying to get rid of, bags of goodies you keep forgetting to drop off at Goodwill, or bulk items you were planning to leave on the curb, I would be honored if you donated them to my Mission Trip Yard sale!  Anything helps, and all sale monies will fund my upcoming July Mission Trip to Thailand (as the team's photographer!) with Inspire Church.  A yard sale date hasn't been confirmed yet, but most likely will be the Saturday before I head out, July 13th.

If you'd like to contribute, shoot me an email  If it can fit in my car, I'll take it!  I can pick up donations anywhere on island within the island before July 6th, 2013.

If you've already purged, or you're a hoarder and just like to keep all the things and would still like to contribute you can do so + learn more about the mission trip here:

The people who have donated so far and shown their support in emails and shout outs has seriously blown my mind and humbled me.  What I expected to be an effort of family members and close friends has been far more, and exceeded my expectations and geuinely touched me heart.  Totally cried a few times over here, people.Thank you to everyone that has helped out so far, and everyone who plans to scour their closet this week to help out!  And of course, come to the sale, too!  ;)