"go photograph the people you love."

A fellow photographer tweeted today & it reminded me of something that's been on my mind ever since we moved:

When I first started photography, I had the sense of urgency to feel like a creative "professional".  I listened to any and all advice people were willing to share, and thought these techniques were the end all be all to people taking me and my camera seriously.  "This isn't  just a hobby, ya'll, people pay me seventy five dollars for this you know", I'd think to myself.  Most importantly, I took away the teachings of my teachers both in Interior Design and online to heart that you should never do anything for free.  Like, ever.  "You are your business".  "Charge for you time".  "Don't do anything for free, not even for your family--ESPECIALLY for your family." (I guess  this one really just depends on what family member we are talking about here...)  And the most drilled into our brains: "TIME IS MONEY"  Don't you hear Alana saying that?  MON-NAYYYYYYYYYY.  As often times I do sit at my desk and feel like I can hear the proverbial clock ticking hopefully not to DOOMSDAY, I've realized there is much much more to a craft than getting paid to do it.  And as I am perched behind my Mac in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, 5 hours behind the East Coast, away from friends and family, I am weighted with regret for being stingy with my camera early on.  Yes, there is always the fear and risk of getting taken advantage of, but if I were to have taken myself a little less seriously when I first started, I possibly may have more personal images of the friends and family that I love oh-so-much.  SERIOUSLY.  I even offered a few good friends DISCOUNTS (wth) when I should have been happily snapping away, enjoying quality time with them, happy to be able to provide them with fun memories.  Now my heart aches when I have to refer friends out to local photographers(even though I am SO thrilled to give them business, duh) because I want to be the one laughing and acting a fool, photographing them.   Now, whenever I get the opportunity to go home, I keep in the forefront of my mind to bring my camera everywhere, urgently trying to freeze time. I've started online smugmug galleries solely for personal use, so I can easily upload and share ALL family photos, even iphone ones.  Because really, what good is a talent if you aren't willing to gift someone with it every once in a while?  Not that my iphone photos display any talent, but whatevski.

When there's a great distance between you and the ones you love, you realize the things that are really important.  Next time I'm home, EVERYONE BETTER BE READY FOR THEIR CLOSEUP!  Just please don't get diva with it, or I will invoice you.  ;)  HA!


An iphone shot of a few Christmas images I found while rummaging through my box of old Photographs.  My Nannie Goodwin has since passed away, so these have such sentimental value.

Doesn't my sister look so thrilled to be posing with me? AND HOW YOUNG (and fashion senseless) am I?!?!?  ;)