Goals 2012

My friend Marissa did a blog post yesterday in which she described her goals for the past two years, how she obtained them, and very bravely posted a before and after photo of her in a bikini (where is lookin' smashing!). Seeing her post and encouragement got me thinking.  I have a list of goals, but they are scribbled in my notebook.  I needed to practice what I preach and "make my intentions known", get them off the notebook and make them visible so I am always reminded.  I will keep myself accountable.  Just the other day an infomercial for p90x came on and while I will not be going Marissa and Shaun T with diamond push-ups, he did say something on TV that I quickly wrote down and now tell myself almost every day.

"Will this take me closer or further to my goals?"

So now, my goals are posted up on my wall for me to always remember.  Once I wrote them down (with completion dates) they no longer felt lofty but rather obtainable. Even exciting.  If I think about it, "the body I have always wanted" (muscular, toned) is only three months away, and that seems pretty freakin' awesome.


So, internet, here are my goals, lofty or not.


1.  Be a muscular 130LBS.  130 is a great weight for me, but I want to be toned, too.  I plan to accomplish this by using Jamie Eason's Livefit Trainer (lifting weights, eating clean, eating small meals all day) by August 21st.

2.  New Website.  I am currently in the process of this and almost done!  I AM SO EXCITED I JUST CAN'T HIDE IT!  I've stuck to my guns and done my own thing and I can't wait to unveil it.  Due the end of this week.

3.  Pay off any debts:  I don't want looming bills to get in the way of a potential new lens.  I like the idea of a fresh business in this gorgeous new place, so I want to have all my bills paid off by Jan. 2013.  Maybe a kickstarter will help with that?  ;)

4.  Interview Project:  I have a series of interviews I am incredibly passionate about and look forward to putting together.  Due the end of December

5.  Own a Medium Format Camera:  Yep.  I said it.  It's the look of film that I love, and I want to treat myself to one for Christmas in December.

6.  A yoga life, eating clean, and an incredible marriage.  All things as a lifestyle I want to always be working on.  Yoga seems to solve every physical and mental ache I have ever had, my body yearns for it, and eating clean does wonders for your body.  I plan to incorporate the two every day as a new lifestyle.  And marriage?  It's something I always want to be working on, making it our number one priority.  Always striving to continue to encourage each other to be the best versions of ourselves.  So far we're doing a pretty great job, but keeping up is even more important to me.

and lastly...for now

7.  Speak at WPPI.  It's my BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL, but I want to speak at WPPI.  WAIT.  Maybe I shouldn't have told you that.  Even when I was a kid watching people come to our class to speak, I always wanted to be them.  Be the person up there giving the talk.  Encouraging.  Motivating.   I believe in other people's passions and whenever I get the chance always want to help push them to realize and fulfill their goals.  Even if it's to a room full of 6 packed with my conference roommates, I will count that as a success.  ;)



Below, a few shots from the Mamiya 645 I rented, and an image of Marissa, who I can blame tomorrow for me posting all of my secrets today.