Going to the Chapel.

When I woke up this morning and squinted out from behind the dark tinted glass window, I felt like everything was in a time lapse and the infamous "day after " music from the Hangover was currently soundtracking my life. I'm at WPPI in Las Vegas and if the experience of both Vegas for the first time and the convention weren't exciting and overwhelming enough (I walked into the trade show and almost cried.  SO MUCH TO SEE!), then the fact that my long-time friend Ashley Barnett got engaged to Jeremy Mitchell Monday night (where I also cried) and is eloping tomorrow should do the trick.  Talk about exhilarating!  With a charming ring spontaneously gifted from Amanda Kwok and a fun late-night proposal, Jeremy pulled out all the stops and truly took Ashley by surprise. And did I mention both Stillmotion and Justin & Mary are going to be around to document the day?  Jeremy, a fun vegas ceremony before a more elaborate shindig down the road and a slew of amazing photographers gathered from WPPI.  What more could Ashtray ask for?  (yes, you read that right.  To me, she is still known by her old school nickname as Ashtray, but not because she smokes or smells!)

Head to toe in something fancy, Carly Arnwine, Jen Jar and I will be there along with Nick Godsell as their back-up "Yes, married in Vegas is a great idea"-ers as they make this ish legal.  The Pop-Up Chapel at the Cosmopolitan hotel, 8:30pm tonight, 2.22.2012.  They're openly inviting 100 friends of WPPI (not to mention the venue has glass walls for onlookers to cheer from the streets!).  Oh, Vegas.



I didn't have my camera, so here's an instagram shot.  I didn't get one of the proposal because, of course, I was too busy crying in between raving "shut the front door!  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!"  Congrats ya'll!  So happy to be here and share in it all!  xo