Goodwin Girls Do Hawai'i

"Are ya'll twins?" from the beach to the gift shops strangers have inquired everywhere we've been.  As we gotten older our striking resemblance is nothing new to us, I even mistake her laugh in videos for my own.  So as we devise the best timing for one to respond "no" and the other to say "yes" the next time we get asked about our twinsies status, my sister Sarah and I have been gallivanting across the island of O'ahu, hitting the beaches, trekking on hikes until our feet can't go any further, shooting weddings (yes, I put her to work!  ;) ) and taking what most would perceive as an all out O'ahu culinary tour...but we're just hungry.  ;) I love it when our friends come to visit, I truly enjoy sharing the splendor and irie vibes of the place I call home with people I love...but this one is especially grand--it's my sister!  And fellow adventurer!  And self-proclaimed rule breaker!  Although neither of us were adventurous or rule-breaking enough to continue on the Dead Man's Catwalk after officials presented us with a possible hefty fine if we crossed government property....needless to say we settled for a different view.  Dang you, instagrammers!  Hashtag ILLEGAL!

As we head for our North Shore day, and pack in a later trip to Maui, I's like to present a ko'Olina mai tai toast--to my beautiful, kind, pretty dern funny, smart, God loving and enjoyable sister Sarah.  May our trip continue without any sisterly arguments stemming from who gets to wear that tiara in your bedroom closet.  Goodwin Girls, back in da houseeeeeeee.


iphone photos from our recent ventures.  Top down in the jeep, cruisin' Hawaii Kai to Laie, then up to Kaeana Point.  then Mai Tais and sunset at Ko'Olina.  Not ALL in one day, of course.  But, close.


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