[Married] Grace + Adam

She floated back into the warmly lit cabin, bridesmaids of life long friends anxiously circling around.  She swooned over seeing her groom moments before the ceremony, declaring their few quick moments tucked within the vineyard the "best decision" .  With their nerves at ease, Grace + Adam were ready to commit their lives to one another high above on Virginia mountain tops.  The guests erupted in laughter as the pastor recounted the 'festive' evening they met (one that may or may not have involved elf costumes and a 'Santa Crawl'), and in front of friends and family members, they made endearing and light-hearted promises of never being mad over broken wine glasses and forever.  The love they have for one another is palpable, and ridiculously apparent through the enthusiasm of their guests, the candle-lit tent  roaring as the couple was welcomed as Mr. + Mrs. Wingard.  In leu of clinging glasses, tables of guests took turns serenading the two with classic love songs, coaxing them to kiss, and Adam twirled Grace around the reception in a truly show stopping first dance. Adam + Grace.  Wow wow wee wow.  In all seriousness, your event made me speechless.  Grace--the honor of heading back to Virginia to be your photographer -- a girl whos photographs I admired at 16 -- isn't at all lost on me.  Your bright smile, your child like energy, your creativity -- I was happy to find not much has changed.  :)  Adam is an awesome, (handsome), and stand-up gent who looks at Grace the way every girl dreams to be gazed at.  And he knows how to have a good time!  And might I add, a couple's friends say a lot about them, and holy moly do ya'll have a freaking RAD bunch.  I mean...fo' real.  Who in the WORLD breaks out into Baby Got Back during toasts?  THEY DO!  And it was genius.  The love they harbor for you two makes it easy to see, you two are simply meant for one another.  No ifs, ands, or buts.

And man oh man, am I regretting not sticking around to kick it to Biggie Smalls on the dance floor.  I have never seen a crowd so energetic, loving, and downright FUN as your friends and family.  Grace + Adam--thank you for allowing me to be apart of your creative team.  I enjoyed every minute.   My mind is still kinda blown.  Congratulations.  xo


The following are a few of my favorite shots from the day.  Mainly all film, shot on a Contax 645 with Fuji 400h film--but there are a few reception digitals in there, too.  :)