Gypsy Life.

I adore travel.  Airports entice me.  The sound of a jet engine roaring gets my heart pumping.  The idea of going to sleep in one city and waking up in another intrigues me.  And right now, I'm living my Gypsy life.  Well, in all actuality I've been living it ever since we landed in Hawaii, hoping from hotel to hotel to home now to a tour bus, but it's just what I've always dreamed of. People have asked me "How I wound up helping out" and, to be honest, I really haven't questioned it, I've just been along for the ride (and parking the ride!).  I met Jasmine & J.D. when I was an attendee of Creative Live and we have kept in touch ever since.  I'm thrilled to be helping out with the events and love the family I've made in Jasmine, J.D., Jenny, Andrew, Jay and Polo.  In all the work (and fun!) we've been having, I honestly haven't taken advantage of the situation (it's not an all out photography conference on here, more like a "who can submit the funniest youtube video" contest every night.  I always win.) and it was just last show that I actually pulled out my notebook and said "I should be taking NOTES for MYSELF!".  I'm just having fun, working hard, and trying to take it all in.  Learning a tremendous amount about myself along the way, like the fact that my accent is apparently so strong someone almost always misunderstands me, or that all my close friends all have similar characteristics, making them an "Ashley Goodwin Friend" (and I always thought they were so different!!), and not to mention I do the best impression of Alana from Toddlers & Tiaras (not necessarily a compliment).  My special juice is gonna help me winnnnnn.

I hope I'm not annoying everyone with my "from the road" updates and constant iphone shots, but I'm sending my film off to be developed so here's hoping that gets back quickly!  Until then, a small snippet into the past few days: