Hair Did.

So, you may think I've run out of ideas to Vlog for 30 days.  Possibly.  But I was watching my previous videos and thought "boy is your hair a DISASTER! At least LOOK LIKE you tried, Ashley!"  And considering I've had several friends ask me to show them how I curl my hair so quickly with a straightener, I figured what better time than on video?  Show that on today, April 3rd 2012, I put on make-up, got out of yoga pants and DID MY HAIR!  See, it happens.  There's proof. It may seem random, but since I got hair  and make-up credit for this glorious Vegas wedding and all ;), I thought I would share, in case anyone else out there wants to try!  Not to mention, there is a lesson to be learned from this tutorial:  you don't need the best equipment out there to get the job done.  So when you begin to approach the Royale Hair Straightener vendor in the middle of the mall, BE STRONG!  Speed up, put your proverbial earmuffs on and DON'T MAKE EYE CONTACT.

I don't get paid to do these, so feel free to laugh.  ;)