Halloween D.I.Y. | the Sugar Skull

My mother can attest, when it comes to Halloween, I go all out.  Maybe it was my very first Dorothy costume in Kindergarden, complete with ruby slippers that set the motion, or maybe it's my love affair with all things glam and the one night to incorporate them all, but I love getting craft with Halloween costumes.  In the six and a half years that we have been together, Marshall and I have dressed up as couples, typically in comedic fashion and in outfits that require Marshall to wear a wig (let's not forget the year I was Peter Pan and he was Tinkerbell--with a blonde bun!).   A move to the Pacific last year left us skipping the festivies, so this year we had to get cray with it.  Thankfully our scheduled Halloween party at Aloha Tower was rescheduled after the Tsunami warning (shew!) so we could put our Pinterest inspired costumes to use, 'cause lord knows otherwise I would have dressed up for the trick-or-treaters.  I am NOT a fan of anything scary (Hocus Pocus is just about as far as I will go!) so adding glitz and jewels to our traditional style costumes that honor the dead made them more fun, less intimidating.  But I'd be willing to bet the raver kids at the party would say differently--scaring them to death without a smile was surprisingly entertaining! We (okay, who am I kidding?  IIIIIIII) was able to put our seemingly costumes together for very little cost.  Time, patience and hot glue? Well that's a whole 'nother question.




Marshall's Costume:

Matador Jacket:  by YSL (YES!  Y.S.L.!)  from Goodwill $8  That Yves Saint Laurent would not be happy if they saw what I did to their Designer creation...

Button Details on collar and cuffs:  Bought a big ziplock bag of mixed buttons from a lady in Kailua who has a "hoarders" style junk shop for $10.  I then spray painted most of them gold, with the exception of some that were already mixed metals.

Madri Gras Bead Shoulder Details:  4 for a $1 from the same Kailua crazy lady.  Seriously.  Her store is booby trapped with one wrong move to all come tumbling down.  Somebody should check on her.

Glo stick details around collar and hat:  .75 cents each from Target.  Okay, I'm lying.  K-mart.  Did you just judge?

Hat:  Made from glitter tulle from the fabric store and wire coat hangers.  YES!  I reshaped wire coat hangers..while they were on Marshall's head!  Tulle was $3, hangers from the downstairs closet.

Hat Details:  The paper flower was actually from a shoot I did with Yasmin Dar (she was sweet and gifted them all to me) and the rest of the little details I scrounged from my craft boxes.

Shirt, Tie, and Pants:  His wedding suit.  Way to put it good use, honey.


My Costume:

"Dress" top:  The top silver fabric was a dress from Go0dwill for $12 that I cut the straps off of, shortened, and hot glued onto a strapless bra for a sweetheart neckline.  Bah.  Hence why I am looking so droopy!  Getting this to shape correctly was a giant pain.  I orginally had the top glued onto an undergarment "shaper" but trying to get in and out of that thing with a sequin dress attached was IMPOSSIBLE.  I got stuck one too many times before I had to change it up and start over.  Have you ever been stuck in a shaper with rhinestones glue to it? Quite funny, really...  The rhinestones added on the top are three different sizes (really big, medium size, and small) I got from Floradec in Honolulu.  Each bag was on clearance for $5, HOLLA!  So 2 big bags of giant rhinestones for $10.  These were enough to cover my shoes, too.  I then added extra strips of the gray sequin fabric in "loops" to the bottom of the dress top to pull the top and skirt together and to make it look more old fashioned.  I also "pinned up" the sides to create a little bit of volume and held it in place with hot glue.

"Dress" skirt:  The skirt underneath the top was made with a mix of solid white tulle and glitter tulle (which I am still covered in).  I made an elastic waistband and then started gluing the tulle onto the waist band in strips.  I wanted it to look somewhat ripped up and "ghoul-ish".  I have worn a tulle skirt out on Halloween before, so I knew that the perfect length was key here, otherwise your heels will get caught and everyone will step all over you all night.  With my heels on, mine hardly skimmed the floor.  The tulle I bought for all of the costumes was about 12 yards and $40.  I ruined a good amount when first starting off, and have a good amount left over.

Shoes:  The shoes are heels I bought from Charlotte Russe forever ago and simply never wore, so I donated them to my good cause.  With some hot glue and rhinestones, they each weigh about 10 pounds and are sparkly pieces of costume glory.

Hair:  I sprayed the ends of my hair with blue hair color spray (it didn't stay in long) from Sally Beauty $8 and secured a wavy/messy side pony.  I then used a mix of the paper flowers gifted by Yasmin behind my ear.



I started a tutorial video of this, but it took SO MANY different tries with different white bases and me washing my face three times and frantically running to Sephora with blue hair TWICE that it became dark out and we were in a hurry.  I orginally started with cheap white halloween paint from Target which did NOT work (one kind was waxy and wouldn't dry and the other dried and cracked on my face!).  I knew I needed a good, even base and something that wouldn't easily wipe off, so I invested in a white iridescent eye shadow by Make Up Forever and a matte white eyeshadow (to set it) also from Make Up Forever totallying $40.  Blah.  But, the make-up for this costume was the most important part, so it HAD to look good!  I got my inspiration from research of faces on Pinterest and used those colors to tie the costumes in together so we didn't look a hot, jumbled mess.

White Base:  Make Up Forever Aqua Cream Eyeshadow #4 ($22 ) set with Make Up Forever matte white eyeshadow #0 ($18)

Blue & Green Eyes/details:  Revlon ColorStay eyeshadow pallete in Inspired ($5)

Gold Eye Shadow:  Elf loose eyeshadow in gold ($2)

Black detailing:  Elf Waterproof eyeliner (the liquid kind with the little brush--great for detailing)  $1

Gems on face: We bought a small pack of gemstones from Walmart for $4 and glued them using eyelash glue


Hope everyone had a fun holiday!  These costumes are TOTALLY going to be worn again one day!  What are some of your favorite costumes?