[Happy Anniversary] Jill & Josh Weaver

This date last year I had the honor of photography the marriage of Jill Saddler to Marine Josh Weaver.  Their wedding was held on the Wilmington River Deck set amongst friends, family, and fireworks on the day they had their first date:  the Fourth of July.  Since their gorgeous (and fun.  Seriously fun.) wedding last year I've worked with the Weaver  family for their holiday portraits. Just call me the Weaver Family Photographer. ;) Just wanted to thank the Weaver's for being so awesome, give them a giant anniversary hug and tell them thank you for being rockin' clients.  You guys are the best!!  I love love love you and your family (those boys are a mess!) and am excited for what's in store for you guys ;).  And who knows...we'll have to schedule the next holiday portraits in HAWAII!  Family vacation!  I know Jill's already working on that one. Thank you for selflessly serving our country Josh.  Take a day off, get on the boat, and have a beer! Enjoy your day, thank you for having me be apart of it!  Happy Anniversary!!