Happy Birthday, Boo.

The minute 2015 hit, we both began the panic. "We're going to be THIRTY this year. THIRRRTYYYYY." We'd say, usually in a Spanish accent alongside a joke, secretly hoping to take the sting out of crossing out of our twenties. "THIRTY!!!!" I'd randomly proclaim, usually while running my fingers through his hair as we drove. And as today marks the day that my husband Marshall turns THIRTYYYYYYYYY and I get to enjoy being married to an older man for exactly two months before I kick the bucket myself, I gotta say, the new age bracket may not be all that bad, boo. Just think of the perks of being an adult thus far. We've graduated to a much larger bed that can accommodate all four of us without a pup sleeping on the tippy top of our heads (most of the time). We both enjoy wine now-a-days "I could drink a glass of this every night!" and have learned to enjoy it (somewhat) responsibly. We've figured out every which way to enjoy movies and binge watch shows from the comfort of our own home. And we have fluffy dogs who are breathing and fed, signifying we are well on our way to being responsible! But most importantly we make each other laugh days on end and even though our age may be creeping in, you always ALWAYS keep us young and with your forever desire to play with crabs who run from you on the beach or to catch another baby chipmunk in your hat, you will always be a kid at heart. To the man who I sincerely love more and more with every morning's start. To the sweetness whom I wrap my arms around his muscley body and think I'm so happy you're my husband resulting in a challenge to squeeze you as tight as I can taunting that was nothin'. To the handsome gentlemen who so kindly puts the dishes away when I haven't for days and neither one of us can take it anymore. The husband who never brings up past hiccups, loves unconditionally always, trusts me to slather essential oils on him when he starts sneezing, and says THE funniest thing at the perfect time, I love you. I am honored to be your wife, even when you sleep diagonally across our king size bed, you are a stand-up gent with a heart of gold, one your friends call "the happiest guy they know". I am thrilled to be living life alongside you, adventuring the world and far corners of the sofa, together rarely acting a day over 12. You keep ME young at heart. Don't worry boo, we'll Benjamin Button this ish.

Happy Birthday, Marshall! You fine. xo