Happy Campers: Lindsey & Zach.

They casually met online.  He thought she was attractive.  She swore he was "too short".  After several technologically advanced conversations, she insisted they "just meet".  He was an outdoorsmen.  She had never spent a night under the stars.  He reluctantly invited her to tag along on a camping trip, hesitant that she may stand him up.  She had always wanted to feel the warmth of an eskimo sleeping bag, so she obliged.  He admits he thought she was out of her mind for agreeing.  She was beautiful, intelligent, and put together.  He knew from the start  he wanted to be with her.  She formed excuses to why he wasn't "the One" to avoid her intuitions.  He was persistent.  She cooked him delicious home-cooked recipes and accompanied with wine, poured their hearts out late into the night.  He was handsome, clever, and driven.  He knew from the start.  Truth be told, she did, too.  Lindsey & Zach, to be married in the Spring of 2012.  Lindsey, it has been such a blast to attend class and now work with you.  From planning our class schedules to now planning your wedding, I am excited for what the future holds for the two of you.  Together you bring each other's dreams to life, often times built via sewing machines and power tools.  You have found your match in Zach, and while we may have guessed every weekend you spent away together was "THE weekend he would propose", I am thrilled that he surprised you with your beautiful dream bling in the mountains on a hike (& boy does it BLING!).  Way to bring it back, Zach.  :) xo

He keeps her laughing.  Both of us, actually.

Did they just waltz right out of a J.Crew Ad??  Gimme more!

Girl, you need no direction!  Beautiful!

Stunning & Handsome.  A classic pair.

Lindsey you are FIERCE!