To the woman who does it all---

Today is my Mom's birthday, although I won't go into depth and say  just which birthday it is, I just want to take a moment and tell her how grateful I am of her, because I know I never say it enough. I want to give a toast to the woman who comes to visit and leaves my house sparkling clean--baseboards and all.  To the awesome mom who decked my bedroom out in tie dye when I was away at 4-H camp.  To the woman who has endless uses for melatonin, tea tree and holistic supplements and schooled me on the proper form of a dumbbell curl.

Thank you, Becky Goodwin, for imparting your fashion sense on me.  For the love of baubles and jewels and all things perfectly gawdy.  For always picking something up for me at the thrift store that I do, in fact, love. "And guess what?  It was only $8!  I talked the guy down and he let me have it for $5..."  And for introducing me to the world that is TJMAXX at such an early age.  Who woulda thought I would go from perched at the front of the store in the plastic chairs with Mommalou who was also tapped out while you still strolled and shopped to aimlessly wandering around the storefront myself---with Marshall (who out shops ME!).  For that one summer around the Country Club pool when you agreed and said "yes, let's get you a shop" and helped build "Mommalouz: Clothes, gifts + stuff".  For scratching my back with your fingernails. Ooooo it feels so good!  For the most magical Christmas mornings a kid could dream of.  For hauling teenagers in the car and taking us to see Janet Jackson,  Andrew Keegan, and the Backstreet Boys (but NOT for successfully embarrassing us).  For buying them glitzy collars and watching our dogs as if they were your grandchildren, even if you did think it was a good idea to put a diaper on them once.  

For making me laugh so hard that I cry.

I give thanks for your analytical ways of thinking, even if I don't always want to hear it, and the faith and insight you share about the Lord.  For humoring me when I call with another one of my ideas, and knowing when to believe in me and push me higher or when to keep my feet grounded--for now.  For taking my grandeous ideas and finding ways to make them better.  For always being "by a computer" when I need a Googler in a pinch.  For generously offering to ship anything from your storage of  goodies to O'ahu at the last minute, even your most coveted pieces.   For helping to make our wedding go off at any cost, no matter the sacrifices you had to make.  For buying me my first Canon camera.  For furnishing my first apartment.  For taking me to antique shops and putting the love for design in my blood at an early age.   For picking up the telephone and calling customer service on my behalf  atleast a hundred times.

Thank you for inviting me to pillage your treasure chests of jewelry.  To peruse your closet full of fur coats (although no matter how many to get me to try on you will never convince me to take any).  For teaching me to eff what everyone else does and to do my own thing (in more eloquent terms, of course).  For opening sharing insight I never would have considered.  For listening to this babbling brook when the brick wall has heard enough.  For READING MY BLOG, even if no one else does.  For telling me I'm comical when really you're the funny one.

I love you for your strong southern drawl (and the way you say "Shawwlot"=Charlotte).  Finally, for all your quirks that drive me insane because in my age I realize that I, too, do them as well.  And with my feet on the dashboard I drive Marshall insane.  I love you despite the fact that our similarities often send each other over the edge.

For listening to the pediatrician when you felt you just couldn't taken my childlike stubbornness any longer -- nurturing, never taking away my fierce determination.  Whether it be a life as a encouraging Photographer, a mill apartment overlooking the pool, a Vera Wang gown, or a life simply enjoying the island, I love you for always helping me find a way to make it happen.

You are beautiful, strong, fiercly determined yourself, and loved by many, but not as much as Sarah & I love you.

Happy Birthday to the woman who makes me proud to be nicknamed "little Becky"!

-Cheers, Mom!

Now go buy yourself some estate jewelry, rearrange the house a few times and call it a day!  Sorry I can't be there to give you a giant hug and kiss, but just know I will have a cocktail by the beach in your honor.  BAH.