Hawaii Beach Essentials

Marshall is heading out to play softball in Japan for a few days (luckkkyyyy!) and while I will be staying on the island and working (helping out on a wedding with Malia Cano, yippieee!) the Oozband and I are taking the day to enjoy each other's company.  On the beach, of course.  While packing a beach bag for Hawaii may not be as different as most destinations, packing your car for the day here is a whole different story.  Locals practically bring everything but the kitchen sink out to beach!  Pop-up tents, banquet tables, their grills, even clothes lines!  Beach days turn into beach weekends and the relaxed vibe rubs off on you.  Hence I keep a bag ready and waiting in my trunk, because with water all around, you never know when you will be jumping in!  Here are my Hawaii beach go-tos:

Lightweight J.Crew Vintage Tee// Comfy J.Crew Chino Shorts//A giant bag to fit all your goodies, like this Aztec one//My super  sun shielding Rayban Aviators//A Vix Bikini, of course.  All I wear!//Several great books to choose from.  I just finished Start Something That Matters//A giant towel or blanket//Oversized scarf doubles as a wrap//Maui Babe Browning Lotion, the ultimate in tanning oils!


Ps:  For easier web viewing, I will be changing the size and layout of my blog soon, hence why this layout is narrower.  Just a heads up!  Hopefully it will view a lot smoother and prettier on smaller browsers and mobile devices when I am done!