Here to There: "Surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams"

In the midst of it all, sometimes you just need a vacation.  A quick jaunt to a place you've never seen to reconnect with people you cherish & admire. For me, this was Colorado.

I just returned from a week long "excursion" (to say the least) to the highest (...literally?) city I've ever stepped foot in:  Denver.  My first few days there I spent with Aaron, Carlo, and Logan, guys I've known for the past 10 years and love with all my heart.  These guys are like my brothers, noogies and all.  Fellow Charlottean and friend Lisa also happened to be visiting the guys that week, so between wise cracks and jeepin' 12,000 feet on the Rockies, they kept us entertained.  :)

The rest of my days were spent convening with the J*Jets!  Not everyone could make it (sad face!  NEXT TIME!  November?) but it was amazing to see Tim King (who needs to brush up on his Denver tour guide history), Candice Benjamin (she got a tat the same time I did!), and John Payne, (who is the most amazing host ever invented).  Not to mention Natalie Payne, my sistahfromanothamotha.

It was a week packed of outdoor adventures, mostly mixed with beer.  Whaaaaa?  Coors is from there! Jeepin', hikingx2 (6,000 feet up Royal Arch with amazing views of Boulder and Denver) and 10,000 feet through the Mount Evans Wilderness.  Backyard stargazing mixed with beer pong, delicious dinners (majority of which were mexican.  What can I say?  Natalie and I lead a convincing argument), breathtaking views (literally.  I got altitude sickness), new tattoos, and great company.  Spending almost every day with these folks made me step back and cherish the relationships I have.  I am incredibly blessed to have such humorous, kind, generous, talented and all around awesome friends.  I can never express how much I care about these people.  It's the craziest thing.  Friends of a lifetime, for a lifetime.

So happy I got to see my boys & the Jets.  'Til next time...which is soon...I love you all like whoa.  xo



You should know by now that my favoritest travel camera is my iphone.  It's the only thing I don't mind scrambling over boulders teetering off a cliff with.  Thus, behold my favorite iphone camera shots.  Some more, and super fun disposable camera (yep.  I said it.) shots here.