Here's to the Crazy Ones.


Thank you.  To all the people that fuel me, spark a thought in me, and kick my ass when I'm slacking off. There comes a point where you have to stop THINKING and start DOING and I'm at that point.  I think I've been holding off on really going full-force because I've been scared.  Nervous of the hard work, potential failure, and even greater potential for success.  Using "thinking" and "research" and "PINTEREST oogling" as an excuse.  Waiting for the right time where everything will be perfect and the stars will be aligned and the moment is just right.  Well, that 'ish ain't going to happen.  No time will ever be perfect.  It's like my obsession with making sure my house is spick-n-span before I go out of town.  It doesn't have to be Pinesol fresh.  I just need to make the decision to get out the door, even if the laundry isn't folded*.  Because, it will be.  It's more important that I at least get on the road and get GOING!  So a shout out to the ones who go above & beyond, believe in me but believe more so in the industry and following your dreams, no matter what the cost.  Ya'll know who you are! It's important to keep each other going, even when there may industry haters in tow.

*editor's note:  (Editor, being Marshall:  "You mean, even though the laundry isn't out of the washing machine").

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