Hollywood, Kid.

This morning, I'm exhausted and truly don't feel like doing much thinking let alone blogging. And I won't lie and act like it's because I've been working hard all night because really it's because Marshall and I were up all night kicking it with one of Marshall's hometown friends. Yesterday we had a few hours that most would see as simply surreal. And as it was an incredible experience I sadly wasn't allowed to get photos of (pictures or it didn't happen--right?), it really has me thinking. And realizing. And analyzing myself like a motha, contemplating the culture and cost of wide-spread 'fame'. And mostly spending a very nonchalant and quiet beach day with a person that most people in the entire world know of taught me a million things about my inner self and how we are to love others not how we perceive it, but how they need it. I know this is annoyingly vague and it drives me nuts when people throw out stuff like that then leave you with no more, however Monday I fully intend on giving it a solid blog post (and maybe by then we will be able to get a photo with the mystery guest). For now I cuddle a coffee, wrap this client magazine, and try to stop analyzing the workings of Hollywood fame. I sure as heck have an uncanny way to see everything as a business lesson, I swear. Sometimes I wish I could just roll with things as they were without thinking much further than that, but it's not how my brain works.