Home is wherever I'm with you.

It's sad to know I will soon say goodbye to my "silver lining" apartment at Alpha Mill.  When I first got back from Europe, I scoured the city in search of a new home that would keep me inspired.  I found it in Alpha Mill, an adaptive reuse of a historic cotton mill turned apartment complex (like how I brought that Interior Design degree into play?  Heyooo.) Here's to you, my two trusty apartments here, for being the best place to live in Charlotte:  Those brick walls keep you dusty as heck.  Five years (& two different units!) later and I still may not have figured out the best way to clean your floors.  Those giant, pretty windows I could never leave open all day. How I finally got the first one of you how I wanted you to look...then you flooded.  And I moved.  This time, to a much prettier you.  Now I've got you looking the way I want you to, that must mean a move ensues.  All that extra storage.  And a place to sleep guests!  Two bathrooms, who woulda thought?!?  The sliding barn door that all three of those pups are masters at wiggling open, even when bobbitrapped.  Leaving the top blinds open therefore never having to turn on the heat, even in the dead of winter.  Getting woken up by natural sunlight.  Your massive, inviting windows that, when opened, introduced me to countless new friends and neighbors strolling by.  The old apartment with the old "moat", and dreams of filling it with alligators.  Or just a ladder for whenever I left my keys Marshall needed to climb in the window again.  17 Foot ceilings.  Original beams.  Telling everyone the history, and swearing "Annie" lived (and died??) in my first place.  The dishwasher that doesn't know it's role.  The "stainless steel" appliances that are a mirage. That chimney stack that always gets struck by lightening.  Watching fireworks from your rooftop terraces, usually accompanied by champagne.  Securing my poolside chair  every weekend at the most bumpin' water party in town.  Hearing Marshall complain for five more years when the grills are broke, again, that he is "going to write a letter to the leasing office".

Although it will be hard to pack up and leave the cushy apartment I love so so much (and the killer pool outside my window, and the rooftop terraces, and the uptown walk, and the cool tenants, and the social "beer garden" gatherings & "movies on the roof", and my best friends as neighbors...and...and...and...) nothing can compare to what's in store!  Looking forward to a fresh start in Hawaii with a blank canvas to fix-up, paint, and call our own!  Backyard palm tree hammock included. If you know anyone who wants to move in, let me know!