Hot Tub Time Machine.

If the hotel hot tub I've been enjoying were to short circuit and flash me back to the 1980's where bangs were big and cassette tapes were magical, here's what I'd tell myself: -Don't steal your sister's Tiara.  You will get caught.

-Don't sneak out to go fourwheeling.  You will get caught.

-Treasure your life experiences and make them last.  Your memory will be terrible.  Document your life.

-You are extremely talented.  Know that, and value that.

-Forget what Mrs. Johnson says and forget those C's in conduct.  Your knack for talking will pay off.

-There will be a search engine called "Google" and it will be worth millions...

-Trust your instincts.  You've got a strong head on your shoulders.

-You will marry that red-head from Appomattox.  Yes, HIM!  I know, right?!?!?

-Be cautious of the ones who see your talent before you do.

-Let NO boss man hold you down!  Keep that entrepreneurial spirit of MommaLouz!

-Listen to your Mother.  She'll be right...some of the time.

-Don't bury your emotions.  It will cause you serious anxiety that only yoga can fix.  It's okay to feel.

-Protect your heart and your strengths or your talents will get taken advantage of.  It will hurt.

-Save some of that hard-earned money you earned landscaping at 13.  You have expensive taste...


If you could call yourself 5 years ago and had 30 seconds, what would you say?