How I See Things.

A wise friend (Rebecca Tabor Armstrong) once told me that an even wiser man (unknown) once told her that your favorite camera lens is directly related to how you view the world.  That struck me as incredibly interesting because, like most people, I call the 50mm my lover, or so I thought.  Even though I love the tight frame that the nifty fifty provides, I always find myself feeling a little squished.  Searching for those few extra feet, always taking a few reverse steps until I've backed myself into a corner. Literally. When Rebecca shared that thought with me, it hit me.  Duh.  No wonder I love the 35mm so much. I need a wider lens. I'm a huge fan of the thought that your best camera is the one you have with you, hence why I love my iphone camera ohsomuch, but also because it's a wee bit wider.  It allows me to add those few extra storytelling portions into the frame, which I love.  No wonder my iphone photos are "old school Ashley" style, there's more ROOM!  So, it's decided.  The 35mm 1.4 is my next lens.  Realizations: just one more reason to love the iphone.  :) Below are a few iphone shots from San Diego and my trip to visit the J*Jets last weekend (yes!  We have a tumblr! Go follow us!).  You may ask yourself why a photographer is so adamant about her iphone, but I love to take photos, and love even MORE being able to shoot-upload-be done.  Insta-share!  Not to mention you can't comfortably stick a 5DMarkii into your sports bra while hiking. That's just not going to work. You don't need a fancy camera to document life.  You just have to have the right perspective.

YES.  In-N-Out makes a cameo here...twice!  Don't you dare judge!