How I wore it: layered jewels.

Jewelry, I love it.  And in my world more is more.  Doesn't that just seem better anyway?  So it's no surprise that when it comes to baubles and bling I am usually covered in them from head to two.  Head. to. toe.  It was Coco Chanel who said “Before leaving the house, a lady should stop, look in the mirror, and remove one piece of jewelry.” Um, Hi Coco.  I know you're great and all but WHERE'D YOU GET THAT NONSENSE IDEA?!?! I am more like stop and see where I can fit some more.  ;)  I don't know why, but tons of jewelry is just my thing.  Wait!  I do know why:  Becky Goodwin.  Whenever I head into TJMAXX or an antique shop, the first place I stroll past is the jewelry case, and my buying sensibility really isn't all that strategic, I just purchase the things that I love.  I try not to go so much for trends (with the exception of the J.Crew style bubble necklace and nail ring) but intricate designs and color.  And gold!  AND SHINY!  Okay fine I want it all.  When putting on my my jewels, I typically stand in front of my dresser which is shellacked with mismatched earrings and clanging metals and bracelets and just start putting on what I think goes, often times seeing things laying side by side and saying "Oh look!  Doesn't that look nice together?  I think I'll wear it, too" adding it to the mix.  I am all about the mix of 'high-low" pairing vintage styles with Forever 21 gems.  I love a great thrift store clip on earring (although they never stay on).  And necklaces from Charlotte Russe go great paired with pricier J.Crew statement pieces.  However, Instagrammers like Rachel Zoe, Dannijo (omg I love those girls ridiculously amazing and ridiculously expensive jewelry line!), Kelly Wearstler, Haute and Rebellious and of course, good ole J.Crew (I love seeing how they put jewelry together in their store cases) give me fresh new ideas to pair my baubles and bling.