How to create a metallic signature in photoshop

I should absolutely positively preface this post by saying: I am not a graphic designer. I am, however, a photographer who spent months on end googling and practicing trying to teach herself the most effective way to create the perfect gold metallic signature logo in photoshop (before I bought a wacom tablet I drew my signature on a piece of parchment paper and taped it to my screen, using my mouse to digitally trace it.  Hood, ya'll).  I tried different brushes, various techniques, even just tried to paint and scan in my signature but none effectively created the painted brush stroke type signature I had dreamed of...until now. What you'll need:


-Wacom tablet (I use the Bamboo CTL-460, which I think has been discontinued but the price tag on the others is worth it just for this)

-Gold foil stock photo (one with a creative common's usage of course!  You can also scan in a high quality gold foil yourself, but a realistic one works best.  Deviant art is always a good place to search)

-Favorite pre-loaded pencil, colored pencil, or paint brush textured photoshop brush (Brusheezy is a great free website for this, I used this colored pencil download.)