How to remove backgrounds & isolate in Photoshop

Over a breakfast several weeks ago I heard a fellow photographer mention wanting to go to a blogging workshop just to learn how she "puts items together real close on one page".  I giggled at her animated expressions and we kept talking and later realized "HEY!  I know what she's talking about, and I know how to do that!"  I never could have explained it to her in person "you know, you take the little wand thingy and select what you want.  Not the background, the thing..." THAT would have gotten us both nowhere, so here's a screencast on it!  My entire website is practically designed doing this along with using transparent background files in the form of .pngs which are lifesavers, and it's all explained here. Now, I'm off to snag up these shorts!  What is it with me and tshirts and shorts?!?!  THE ISLANDS ARE GETTING TO ME!

PS:  My voice blows speakers out.  Just a heads up.

And in honor of the magic wand and the ladies headed out for girl's night in droves this evening: - Dear God, I'm not asking for much...but can you please make Magic Mike in IMAX-3D. Amen.

Oh, don't even ACT like you aren't going to see it, too!