It is my personal belief that most great things just happen.  They can not be planned, predicted, or waited for.  You just have to be open and ready when the ideas and changes come.  Simply focus on getting out the door. But some times I can be wrong. Not usually, but some times.  ;)  This has been the case with re-designing my brand and laying out my business ideals in the eye of a wedding/moving to Hawaii whirlwind.  Errrr, TORNADO.  I know that my current website is doing absolutely nothing but being a domain holder, but I couldn’t get myself to commit to honing down a very particular style and use colors and layouts to confidently layout my strengths (Thanks, Promise Tangeman, for some awesome advice!).  So, I pulled together ideas, but I didn’t commit.  I held off, and I waited.  For a sign?  For God to hollar down to me?  For some energy?  For someone else to do it?  Any excuse to not make the decision, really. I’m thankful I did.  Being in Hawaii, in my new element, in my new zonnneeee, was what the timing I needed.  While laying on Wiamanalo Beach (my absolute favorite!) in my favorite Vix bikini, it hit me.  This is it.  These are my colors, and this is my vibe. The bright blue ombre ocean with white foam and the black volcanic rocks against my multi-toned bathing suit with gold accents.  Casual and chill but feminine and luxe.  It was so blatant that I sat up and exclaimed to Marshall, who was sound asleep in the sand, “THIS IS IT!  This is my BRAND!”.  And from that moment on, everything I did or saw or was in awe by, I noted as a translation into what I wanted.  Look at me, using the land as inspiration, call me a local already! So now is the time for me to stop thinking and start doing, but I am thankful that I held out until our big move because I got just the answers I was looking for.  It’s worth it not to rush, and to let ideas develop organically.

Here are some of my thoughts or inspirations.  For me, it’s not financially doable to hire a designer to design a website/blog/business cards, so that has also slowed the process down a bit.  But now it’s come together!  I’ve GOT it!

Would love to know what unexpected places others have gotten their brand inspiration from!



It's amazing how much I love the ocean, even when it scares the bejeepers outta me!  The bright, crystal blue, the seam foam, the the GOLLDDDDD (sunset!).  So shimmery. Shot with Fuji 400H at Waimea Bay.  Those waves were HUGEEEE.  (Don't worry, those people shielding each other from the fury wound up okay...I hope.)



I love North Shore girls.  They aren't afraid to be in a bikini but keep it fashionable.  Style it up.  Both shot with Fuji 400H film.




And whenever I run across anything that inspires me, or I remotely like, I take a photo of it.  Because I'm a visual learner, am VERY forgetful, and never know when I will go back that reference photo.  How many times have you thought to yourself "I know I saw what I was thinking somewhere..."  Save yourself mind bogging and TAKE A PICTURE, it'll last longer!  These are with my iphone.  The Milly label is a signature type script I love (confirming that my current logo is a keeper), the gold metallic threads are WOWZA, totally need to use that somehow, and the bold colors against the bright, clean beach and sky are elements I want to incorporate into my overall website feel.