[in Film] Emily + Bill

I recently posted a preview of Emily + Bill's gorgeous beachside elopement -- just the two of them and the bright sands of Makapu'u beach.  I am more than happy to see the film scans from the few rolls I shot as once again, Contax trumps Canon.  Currently I am integrating film into some paid work at my own expense (until I am 100% at it) so once I am efficient in getting dead on exposures and achieving the look I love I can shoot majority film on shoots.  My plan is to be about 70 % film and 30 % digital (for reception and quick candids)  I mean, because really.  Why shoot anything else if this is what I love?  And love, I do.  Can't touch those smooth details.  

Contax 645.  Maybe portra, maybe fuji.  Not quite certain.