In this moment.

We made our way down the obscure dirt path, him bumping a suitcase packed with champagne bottles and blankets over the trail's roots and rocks.  Me, always at least forty feet behind ooing and ahhing snapping images of the lightttttt.  Stopping here and there to pet the grazing horses along the way.  Together we fluffed out our famed mexican striped blanket and bundled up jackets, declaring it a 'windy evening', amazed at the group next to us frolicking and instagraming in dental floss of bikinis.  I wouldn't lie, I'd be shooting #selfies in this light, too.  We popped the bubbly, toasting in red Dixie cups and over shared california rolls tried and tried for the perfect instax photo angle, poked fun at each others toes, and promised to never, ever take one another...or this life...for granted.

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