[Inside the Wolf Pack] Candice Benjamin: My Tall Drink of Water.

In school we learned that when it comes to creative fields, there are the mentors and the divas.  Typically, if you are a fan of the uber-awesome Jasmine Star, you most likely follow her motto of "pay it forward" and are a mentor (or looking for one!  ;) ).  Watching the Creative Live entries, I saw Candice Benjamin's and wasn't sure where to classify her, but knew that she was a self-proclaimed "geek".  Truth be told, she is a geek.  But a geek about cool things.  I may not follow "Firefly" (unless it's the sweet tea liquor drink) or consistently wave my hands in a measuring scale motion to best describe my point, but I get it.  And she gets me.  So I like her.  Lots. Candice:

Tall drink-o-water.  Girl.  You know your way around a couple and a camera.  I can't reinforce this enough.  Your work is impeccable and your style is unrivaled.  I am so thankful you picked me up from the airport...not just because you saved me forty bucks, but it gave us the chance to get to know each other and geek out on our similarities.  Like Twilight, accents, travel and Jasmine.  (Stalkkkerrrrrrr.) You had me at "Forks".  Totally next time.  You graciously gave me so many tips and secrets to working my way around my 7D and opened my eyes to the key elements I knew I had been missing.  BACK BUTTON FOCUS?!?!?  Propping couple's heads on each other's shoulders so that the laying down pose is more flattering?!?! GOD, I LOVE YOU!.  You are full of insight and knowledge and are excited to share it.  Not many talented photographers would do that, and that. is. refreshing. I am eternally grateful for your tips and tricks, often times shocking jokes, and girlie giggle-fests.  In the few days that we all hung out you broke out of your shell and let your beautiful, confident, pizazz shine.  As Tim King put it, you are "blowing up like Biggie Smalls" and your work is going to go from published in Style me Pretty to featured in Martha Stewart Weddings.  I know this.  You can hang with the night owls (dolla' dolla' bills, ya'll) and keep us on our toes.  Telling the waiter at lunch to "surprise you" with your meal?  PRICELESS!  You're relaxed and chill but have the talent and desire to take your wedding business to outrageous levels.  You are the girl to know, and I am happy I know ya.  :)  It's been amazing to have someone that will stay up all night and skype with me, reflecting on session ideas, sharing pose inspirations, getting all emotional with (we can totally relate!), and generally hee-hawing over you-tube videos.  Thank you for being yourself, because yourself is amazing.  Makes for fantastic dorky branding, too.  ;)

Soundtrack to your life: Firework//Katy Perry


Ready to go!

Behold:  the Gum Wall.

Anything for a good laugh, right??