[Inside the Wolf Pack] Erin Oveis Brant: My Energy Source.

If you haven't already heard it enough, meeting the J*Jets changed my life. Literally. Having a family, a boyfriend, or a grandmother that encourages your dreams is one thing, but to have an entire troop of photographers, all of which have just met each other, supporting and rooting for you, well that's a whole 'nother level of love.  I was lucky enough to share in four-ish days of non-stop fun, clownin', learning and laughter with a new group of photographers that I would never call my friends.  They're more like, lovahs.  Since we have been apart from each other (Oh, what?  All of FOUR DAYS??!) we have consistently motivated, supported, and (still) clowned on each other.  Considering our undying love affairs and each person's incredible personalities, I thought it was only fitting to supply each and every one of them with their own blog post.  They're that epic. Leaving them one by one was strangely one of the hardest goodbyes I have encountered (other than sending my man to Afghanistan, of course.  That's a whole 'nother level).  A goodbye so hard, in fact, that Tim decided to dip out on it all together.  Thanks for that one, buddy. For the days proceeding, each song streaming through my itunes reminded me of one of them.  Kind of like a break-up.  You know, you are trying to get over it and then Sade comes on and you just loose it.  That's kind of how I felt.  When Marshall and I first started dating there was one afternoon when he drove me all around town, circling the side streets around his house making me listen to the Fray.  Like, really listen to it.  I always wondered why he had passed his driveway twenty times already and we hadn't pulled in.  Why he kept "shushing" me.  Was he trying to tell me something?  That his house was Where the Story Ends?  That our disagreement on dinner plans hadn't been a Fair Fight?  (Yeah, okay, you get it).  So when Tim asked me over our crowded dinner table one night what the Soundtrack to my life would be, I couldn't stop thinking about it.  The soundtrack to my life wasn't just songs that described my life, but of the lives that helped mold me.  Because each of these people continue to be an integral part of shaping who I am today, keeping me accountable, it is only fitting that they have a song of their own in my soundtrack.

These were going to be set to a slideshow, but that idea was already done by Christy Cropper. Subliminally.  ;)


When you reserved our room, I never thought we would wind up making it the destination.  The meeting place.  I guess that's just what happens when you have two women of our entertaining caliber sharing accomadations.  We like to host.  Keep the party jumpin'.  Your video submission gave me the heads up that you were my kinda girl, but I never expected all of the surprises I was in for!  We managed to recreate our celebration dance vision in the studios of Creative Live, talk girl talk "Which shoes?  Nude or Black?"  "Is my hair wonky in the back?".  I had your back and knew you had mine.  Just as I had hoped, you were my human alarm clock.  (Lord knows I needed it!  Us having the same energy levels did not always translate to the same staying up all night powers).  Leaving you at your flight terminal Sunday night was the hardest goodbye out of the bunch.  Alright, we don't like goodbyes?  How about the hardest see ya? Our similarities had us gabbing and our differences had us sharing.  Spring fever had us dancin'.  You are smart, sweet, and nurturing and your infectious attitude spreads like wildfire.  Always laughing or making us laugh, a perfect smile forever adorns your face.  I am so impressed that even as a mom of two incredibly cute, "just as much energy as you, if not more" boys that you have maintained sites on your dream and are actively seeking it out.  You are an inspiration to us all, even those without a family of their own, that if you want it bad enough you will find a way to make it a reality.  You have the drive, the motivation, the support of your husband, brother (Hey, Chris!), and the 'Jets (like how I just shortened that up?).  Either here or there, you have what it takes to really get going.  So go get 'um, girl.  You know what to do. SQQUUEEEEEE.  (That's me.  Squealing like you.)

So here it is. Go listen. Soundtrack to your life:  Ride to California//Paper Tongues.


The beautiful Erin & handsome John Payne.

Oh Anthony, that's funny.  I'm gonna write that down... (Is that where you get your jokes from? The master?)

Okay, I know I said I had your back with the hair scenario, but there are no bristle brushes in downtown Seattle.  So feel free to kill me for this one.  ;)

See.  Always a smile...or a smile to make other people smile.  Or laugh.  With you, not at you, of course.

See!  We're smiling!  It's contagious!