[Inside the Wolf Pack] John Payne, My Entertainment.

When I watched John Payne's video submission I cursed him for being an Architect.  Alright, not really, but I immediately knew the dude was smart.  Real smart.  Being an Interior Designer I had to take architecture courses in college and fumbled my way through each and every one of them.  So for this guy to take a tedious and detail oriented job and  a make it a successful career he had to have mad skill.  Well, he does.  I have never seen any of his floor plans, but I have seen his notebook, and that alone speaks for itself. John:

When I first dialed you up to invite you to room 408 to partake in the "drinking festivities", it took little to no effort to convince you.  I liked that.  I can admit (now!) that I had reservations about being in the same room with an Architect...in particular one that wore Seattle-esque glasses, paranoid that you would give me the typical "Architect vs. Designer" stare down, but that never happened!  (Maybe it would have if we had the chance?  We were all so busy blabbering, me in particular, that no one could get a word in otherwise.  It was my distraction tactic).  You are clever, handsome (hey, I can say that, your wifey is practically my sister), and like a cobra.  Calm in the chaos but you strike with precision at the perfect moment, cracking funnies and leaving everyone bent over in hysterics.  You round out our wild group.  I'm jealous you can tell a joke with a straight face (something I have always wanted to learn to do) and positively roll with the annoying banter of "Natalie and Ashley's thoughts on Emily from the Bachelor".  You know your way around a Nikon (boooo, hiiisssssss) and take the most fabulous, golden-ly lit images.  True story.  I have been so thrilled to follow your work and see you go from closed-off John without a blog to John Payne Studios, bloggin' it up about your life, experiences, thoughts and fears.  You have transformed in leaps and bounds since day one of our trip to today and continue to rock out.  I can honestly say I am so proud of you.  I can see the passion and enthusiasm you have for your craft and that you are UBER motivated to get to where you want to be.  Not to mention you are one of the sweetest people EVER!  Seeing my Facebook post on being in "funk" prompted you & Nat to skype me?  SO considerate!  (& totally worked!)  But you know, maybe you and your family should stop skyping with me every night and get some work done.  Those blueprints are starting to pile up .  ;)  I kid, I kid.  I love our skype dates!

Soundtrack to your life: Head full of Doubt, Road Full of Promise//The Avett Brothers

There was a dream and one day I could see it

Like a bird in a cage I broke in and demanded that somebody free it

And there was a kid with a head full of doubt

So I’ll scream til I die and the last of those bad thoughts are finally out


I mean, he's cool, right?

Reppin' the North Face.

He's hardcore.  Shooting even with water all over his glasses.  His cool glasses.

Photo by Tim King. From a hipster bar, Cha-Chas with crazy red light.  Luckily Tim was handing my camera the night of my birthday and I wasn't.