Scroll scroll scroll. Click click click. In this moment, I am Instagram obsessed. I spend so much time there that I often find myself scrolling Facebook as if IT were Instagram, quickly double taping on photos nestled in my newsfeed (that doesn't work btw). For a slow film shooter who relishes the little things and quiet moments, I sureeeee love the simplicity and quickness of Instagram. And brightness. And making all your images go. Fine fine! It's the Designer in me that craves bright, bold colors, symmetry and a spontaneous + lively documentation of work meets life with some cocktails + donuts in the mix. Not to mention it's nice to skip over all the words and just get to the good stuff. Self proclaimed lover of all things pretty, I just can't get enough. Now, if I can just find a way to stop getting those Like to Know it emails in my inbox my bank account would thank me. Or, as my friend Blenda would call it, Better to not Know it.

Ps: I've joined up with several other fun Hawai'i instragram accounts to offer a $600 giveaway. Like, as in, CA$H MONNNAYYYYY. The giveaway runs until Monday, so head over + join the fun! INSTA @Agoodwin1