Introducing: Share sessions

When I first began shooting I was absolutely, positively convinced that there was a key to taking amazing photos that everyone else knew and wasn't telling me.  I found myself obsessed with figuring out where the magic button was, revealing other's 'secret sauce'.  It was sitting through a streaming online business course completely stumped over what 'synching your cameras' meant that I realized I still had a lot to learn behind the lens.  In efforts to step up my game I turned to the internet and forums, kept the night watch Googling, spending hundreds on photography How To books and scoured my manual in search of whatever it was I was missing.  Overwhelmed and feeling hopeless, I dialed my shutter clicking girlfriends for support. Together we'd spend hours over the phone openly critiquing each other's latest Flickr posts.  Setting up weekends to practice shooting one another and sharing editing techniques into the wee hours of the night.  These women with cameras happened to be friends and family I had grown up with and ladies I trusted.  All in the same boat, we learned from one another, discussed ideals and business techniques, and excitedly texted with new-found know-how.  It was through offering up knowledge in the early days with other honest photographers that I flourished the most.  Some of my closest friends also happen to be Wedding Photographers, and I am forever grateful for their open hearts and kindness to share, encourage, and enlighten those around them.  Because of my freaking burning desire to see those around me find the seed of purpose that was planted in them and wildly succeed, I too, am always willing to share.
I am excited to publicly offer Share Sessions.
If you're in need of putting together basic photography knowledge, could use help tailoring your wedding experience, are about to move your business and are panicked on how to do it or just need someone to show you how to load film into your camera, holler.
Sessions are tailored to answer your photography questions and designed to create solid 'ah-ha' moments.
Interested?  Shoot me an email for details:
[October 2013 Share Session]
Hey Ashley, thanks so much for your Share Shesh, I learned soooo much more than I anticipated.  Your genuine happiness in helping me with just about any random question I had was refreshing and delightful.  I can read manuals and books over and over again, but to have a hands-on approach to learning new things and techniques is definitely more beneficial to me.  I think I found more than just a mentor, I found a friend that shares my love of photography.  So again, thank you and until next time!