iPad & Same Day Slideshows

I've always loved the idea of Same Day Slideshows at weddings . It's a beautiful way to showcase images from the start of the day for the guests who weren't able to view the "behind the scenes" and a fabulous opportunity to round out the story of the day.  Not to mention, I remember how impatient excited I was to have a peek at our wedding photos, so to have the luxury of  viewing several shortly after the ceremony  is a treat!  Ever since I experienced my first Same Day Slideshow at Emilee & Rich's celebration, I have been in search of an easy, conveinent, and less time consuming way to load and display the images with less hassle.  I had dreamed of using an iPad, but lacking its USB port capabilities deemed it twice as time consuming.  Until I found Apple's iPad Camera Connection Kit. Here's a demo of how this genius device works, the first video ever shot on my new GoPro (thanks Marshall!) and how seamless it is to create slideshows during dinner.  I can't wait to start offering these to my couples in 2013, along with lots of other fancy schamcy iPad features.  Ohhh iPad, I knew we were meant to be. Marshall's never getting to use this thing again! ;)

**correction: I said the card doesn't support RAW files, but the Apple website says it does. Maybe I was just too impatient to wait for the RAW files to load, none-the-less, I couldn't seem to get it to work. Regardless, JPEGs load faster, and I am going for speed with this uploading, so I will stick to the RAW+JPEG shooting style. Photographers gotta get it done quick so she can still eat before the dancing starts, ya know?

Easy Same Day Slideshows using the Ipad from Ashley Goodwin on Vimeo.