Iphone Roadtrip

It's so fun and so crazy being back in the United States for this outrageous tour bus "road trip"!  One that started off potentially scary (I mean, who wouldn't be nervous to live on a tour bus?!??!) and is turning into a whole lotta fun!  I adore getting to meet new people at each event and waking up in a new city every other day is exhilarating!  Sure, there's the issue of using a tour bus restroom and being the one who breaks it the first day, but all minor in the grand scheme of things.  ;) So far we've traveled from Arizona to Dallas and as I hopped off the bus yesterday at our Wal-Mart pit stop in the Longhorn state, I felt right at home ("growing up in Virginia home" that is).  The thick air weighted by humidity, the strong accents, the subtle smell of hay wafting in the breeze.  I've traveled a long way since Buckingham County, and I'm excited to see what the rest of my days have to offer!


Some iphone shots from the trip: