Iris & Jose

My fabulous and talented friend Marissa Rodriquez had a shoot planned for her friends Iris and Jose who were leaving the islands and invited me to tag along.  Together we spent the afternoon strolling around Magic Island and ending against the sunset at Ala Moana Beach Park.  Shooting with Marissa was nothing short of awesome and just as I expected, we worked together rather seamlessly, bobbing and weaving and OHMYGOSHTHEWINDBLOWINGYOURHAIRISAMAZING-ing Iris every other minute.  Getting to meet the couple was such a treat (Iris totally looks reminds me of Kim K, whom I think is way too pretty for real life, and has a spanish accent that I just adore.  I wish IIIIIII had a spanish accent.  Jose was just a kind and sweet as he could be with a great sense of humor about him)!  They have been on spiritual path  while hear on the island and I wish them the absolute best while they continue their journey abound!  

Marissa, you've got some great friends, and thank for you inviting me to come along!  Good times, girlfriend, good times.

I shot both digital and film that day, so here's some of both!



I love a banyan tree in the mix.

The girl's got style!  And great hair!!

You put a Louis in front of me you know I'll contemplate running with it shoot it.


THE WIND, the city, the KISS!  FAV!


Alisa Greig was so kind and let me borrow her Mamiya 645 to test out that day and so I took it along on this shoot.  Focusing that sucker at a 1.8 is tricky, so I got a lot of fabulous images blurry beyond a "soft focus".  HA!  But I was super happy with what I DID come out with.  Some film shots below:


Marissa set this shot up and I just about died.