I will never forgot the moment she called me.  I was dangling my feet in the hot tub, enjoying the perks of staying in a hotel while we searched for a home on O'ahu.  I had a feeling that Kathryn + Tito were on the baby making train (wait.  what?), so when she said she had news, I was elated.  It's been two years since Marshall and I moved to Hawai'i, and while we knew we'd inevitably miss out on being there for  life moments in our friends and family's lives we didn't realize it would be so soon that Kathryn + Tito, two of our best friends, would call to let us know they had a bun in the oven.  Since that call Kathryn has phoned to tell me all about her pregnancy cravings "I'm not craving anything! Just healthy food!" (which, if you know Kathryn, is a far cry from the college days of a strict diet of hot dogs + pickles all over everything).  Months went by and she'd let me know how excited she was to be a Mom.  The first few days after Bella was born we shared exhausted conversation recapping child birth, and she explained how grateful she was to have her sweet mother Kathy helping out.  I'd joke that after all she told me I'd for sure never plan to go into labor, and we'd laugh because we both know that wasn't true.  Weeks went by and Isabella grew even more.  FaceTime and phone calls kept us updated on her little quirks.  "She's such a happy baby" Kathryn would coo, telling us all about Bella's head full of hair and leading an exceptionally domesticated life.  Often we'd spend countless hours going from post pregnancy woes to living a life for God, always ending in "I wish you guys could SEE her!  She is growing up so fast!". It took a while, but thankfully on the way to shoot a wedding in Virginia this past September, I was able to see her.  Meet our God Daughter Isabella Giordano. I spent a quick but joyful night with Kathryn, Tito, Jewels + newest member (+ coincidentally my favorite) Isabella in their new home in South Carolina and as different as it is to come back and see these two friends of mine with a miniature, it didn't feel strange it all.  It felt comfortable.  And right.  And seeing them with that little ball of smiley, giggly, HILARIOUSLY entertaining (and smart!) energry that is Bella made me see just how lucky that little munchkin is to have them as parents.  + I am even more blessed to have them as friends.  WE LOVE YALL!  Stop panicking Kathryn, we can raise kids together ONE DAY!  (And did you forget, we DID raise DOGS together--THOSE were our FIRST babies!!  That counts as something, right?).

The next morning before I started my drive to Buckingham, I decided to put my photography to good use and snap a few film photos of Bella.  Unfortunately Kathryn had already left for work, but I was able to get a few shots of the fastest 1 year old in town.

This is the cuteness that my friends have made, shot in film: