Is it Film or Digital?

There's always this popular game in hybrid shooter (people who shoot both film and digital) Facebook groups in which the user posts two similar photos and polls others on their opinion on which is film and which is digital. I always smugly consider myself a master at these games because I know what to look for, the tell-tell signs of film that are what make me love the medium. So, feeling frisky and like maybe my "editing Canon to match my Contax skills" are getting better, I thought I'd throw a few shots out there, test your noggin and provide the visual comparisons of the two that I oh-so-love. Quite frankly there are some times when digital just works better for the circumstance than film. However I am much better at deciding what a photo should look like before I take it rather than post-processing. Not to mention editing my digital images to come close to film takes for-ev-ver, and I can never get them exactly right...because I'm not an editor, I'm a photographer. Why bother when I can just shoot it in film and keep it moving? There are instances where I take a shot in both digital + film for good measure or digital in between rolls. You may ask how I edited the digitals and I'd say with a WHOLE lotta time. Ha! I'm sure a professional Lightroom editor could make these look even closer in comparison, but why take the time when you can shoot it like that? Okay okay you get my point. For these images my clients won't get both the film and digital versions unless they are different (like the shot of the Bride + Groom, in one you can see her veil more than the other, I will actually give them both images). Take a peek and see if you can tell the difference between the digital + film shots. And if you're really a smarty pants there will be ONE thing in ALL these photos that's the dead give-away, you don't even have to look at anything else, really. But don't be a cheater cheater pumpkin eater! Answer key at the bottom.

ANSWERS: 1. Film left, digital right 2. Digital left, film right 3. Film left, digital right 4. Film left, digital right 5. Digital left, film right

And the dead-giveaway of the medium format film shots are that they are wider + shorter than their digital counterparts! It's noticeable, right, that even with editing there are some things that you just can't TOTALLY match in digital. That's why I love film sooooo. :)

So, how'd ya do?