Island hoppers + remembering life.

Years ago even if you yielded a crow bar, my digital camera couldn't be pryed from my cold dead hands.  My husband (then boyfriend) would literally complain to the high heavens that it was nearly impossible to do anything with me because I was forever stopping to take pictures.  When I see other freshly minted photographers with their new nifty fifty taking photos of the drops of water glistening against their sweat tea glass, I'd poke Marshall and say "oh, remember those days?".  I'd teasingly remind him of how he should be grateful that he we can actually DO stuff now without stopping every 10 seconds for a photo opt (although the tides have turned and his bleepin' iPhone is the equivalent of my Canon--but I digress..).  Then after years of being smug that I didn't take tons of photos anymore, I one day started to look through my Facebook albums.  And images stored in iPhoto.  And realized that when it comes to business--I take a ton of meaningful shots-but somewhere along the way I got bogged down by all the photos, all the potential shots, and certainly all the 'personal: to edits' (that haven't been edited) and simply stopped taking photos for me.  How could this BE?!?!  When it comes to life I need to remember to document more.    Grazing through old albums online to find photos for Thanksgiving, I stumbled across images I took several Thanksgivings ago.  They weren't very 'good' photography wise, but they were images of my Nannie.  And the Goodwin family.  And almost exactly how I remember Thanksgiving every year to be.  Something that once was a fleeting memory--then captured by my obsession to take photos of everything. Here and now, I have promised myself that although I won't ever get shutter happy again and cause my husband to lose his mind, I will, however, always document the days.  The things that inspire me.  The gorgeous island where we live.  The little things.  The house.  The dogs.  The trips.  The ocean.  And always the moments and the hours that he and I spend together.  And for a only one click of the shutter (+ no edits!), I am thankful for film.  It has, in a way whether I fully know it or not, saved me.


Marshall spent several weeks on end traveling the mainland playing softball for the Army (and all Armed Forces!) this past summer.  While it was a freaking incredible opportunity, we both decided we needed some good ole QT time together when he returned and treated ourselves to a stay at the new Andaz hotel in Wailea, Maui.  MAN is that place BOMB.  I mean, I could live there.  It was the perfect weekend of doing absolutely nothing--together.  Munchin on lobster grilled cheese + filling our free water bottles with champagne like champs.  These images from our trip make me happy.


All film.  Contax 645  |  Fuji 400h  |  FIND lab