I've decided.

  It's official.  I am getting serious about film again.

For me and my style, it just makes sense.  I absolutely love digital; the flexibility, the instant gratification, the security you have being able to see your images there on the spot, but, in my opinion, there's a quality film has that digital just can't compare to.

A while back I struggled a little bit with my style.  I knew what I wanted, but felt like there could be more.  Something I was aching for was missing.  Pastel-y colors.  Warm light.  Soft contrast.  Less technical perfection, more feeling.  All the things that intrigued me when I started photography.  I love having options with digital and the freedom to shoot until my little heart's content, but, for me, I feel like by not stopping and actually thinking "Okay, is this the absolute PERFECT image I want to take?  Okay.  Well then I'll take it...because I only have 25 shots, so it better be good.  Please don't blink..." I wind up with 25 pretty good shots when really all I want is one AMAZING shot.  I've always had some form of a camera in my hand for as long as I can remember, but some of my very first quality images came from Hawaii, and an old Canon T50.  That look, that feel, that purposeful image is what I want out of my work.  Because when I stopped to think about what it is that draws me to art, wether it be a painting or a photograph, it's not always the technical aspects.  It's the way it makes me feel. The perfect mix of lighting, composition, colors, and sweeping emotion that you just can't put a direct finger on, but it stops you in your tracks and you know, you just love it.  The part of art that moves me.   What my 16-year-old self so open-heartedly captured.  I'm confident using film again will not only give me the look I admire, but also retrain my brain to shoot digital with a film mentality.

I've playfully incorporated film into the latest weddings and sessions, and am excited to keep clicking!  While an entire wedding in film currently scares the daylights out of me, I may one day reconsider.  Until then, it will be just a few rolls here and there mixed in with digital.  That's exactly what I'm looking for.  RPL will be seeing more from me!


Here's an iphone shot of some of my favorite film images from TEN YEARS AGO!  Love those colors.  (Iphone because my scanner did them absolutely no justice.  What's up with that?)

"Big changes create big results", right?  ;)