Jumping from the top.

Sometimes being a small business owner can be overwhelming.  Daunting.  Exciting and equally terrifying.  Where you will go next.  What you are meant to take this to?  Questioning how you will balance it all--and how other people do the same while still showering and making it to the Post Office in time.  There will be extreme highs of sheer bliss and encompassed with hopefulness, followed by moments of seemingly unrecoverable lows.  Days where you scream out "how can I do this alone?!?!?", and mornings where you wake up, pour your coffee in your yoga pants, and can never imagine it being anyone but you.  There will be temptations to engulf yourself in work, sun up to sun down, and minutes that you feel you have to answer that 11 pm email while at dinner with your family--contrasted by tempting Tuesdays to stay on the sofa and watch complete seasons of on Netflix.  You will think this is what you were meant to do.  You'll then second guess if you're cut out for running this ish on your own.  You'll contemplate bribing your spouse into working with you.  Wind up putting every penny you make right back into your business.  Your views of 'success' may change, and your personal convictions may grow all the while your bank account stays the same.    You'll pass up evenings with friends to get caught up on work, and may eventually wonder what all of it is you're in fact working so hard for. And I'll tell you exactly what it is.  It's your life.  A dream.  Something you once considered an idea worlds away, you're now in the midst of making happen.  Email by email, post by post, you're slowing building it, giving breath to your ideas.  It may not come overnight, and your definition of 'success' will most certainly morph as you continue, but you mustn't give up.  Through the struggles, the transitions, the evenings of overwhelming possibilities, you must work hard to stay focused.  To maintain your vision.  And to never become complacent.  Keep a heart of grateful expectancy, and at the right time, just when you feel you've reached the top---jump.

Quit the job to go full force.  Design the app.  Build the brand.  Invest in the marriage.  Put together the workshop.  Take the week off to sip mai tais.  Talk about what you want.  Get there--then go further. Leap with unaltered faith and unexpectedly push yourself further.  Into something new.  Something even you didn't think you could do.  Because you know what?  You can.  I pinky promise.  Never get to where you were going then decide  to stop.


Jump boys taking some serious risks for exhilarating reward in Laie, Oahu.  Contax 645 fuji 400h