Just around the bend.

"Praying you have an exceptional first tour stop today.  Soak in every moment of the journey.  Your life just turned a bend.  xoxox" I couldn't help but tear up at the incredibly sweet and supportive text from one of my absolute best friends, Rebecca Armstrong.  It's always easier to doubt yourself than it is to have faith, and I am so so thankful for the friends that I have who push me, put their faith into me, and believe in me, even when I am questioning myself.  Seeing bougainvilla, my new favorite flower (who knew it existed outside of Hawaii?!?!?) instantly when I stepped off the bus and onto the dry Phoenix sidewalk comforted my nerves (you know, the ones from speaking in front of a crowd of 150-ish...). Reminded me of why I flew out from Oahu, and why I am who I am.  It sparked my inner confidence that lately I have so deeply buried and encouraged me to spread my bright pinkness and not be afraid freakin' grow. Sometimes the bougainvilla can be a little much, taking over bus stop awnings and all, but, that's the beauty of it.  And I can't wait to plant it all over my backyard.

How fitting she sent me that text right after I took this photo.  We read each other's minds.

Thank you, Tater, for the encouragement and thinking of me.

Love, Tot.



Since I just loaded a roll of Portra 800 into my Canon I am shooting film for a while, but, as always, my iphone is a quickie favorite of mine.  My favorite flower, okay, whatever, bush, via my iphone: