Just the good 'ole boys.

Although I specialize in couples and weddings sessions, I just couldn't turn down this opportunity when Shereen of Ever After Events mentioned it.  I mean, the chance to spend the evening with two good ole' 'Bama boys and their newly finished General Lee Challenger??  Comn'mon!  Resisting that would be a southern disgrace!  I won't lie, being around that shiny beauty had me as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full'a rockin' chairs, and clearly spending the evening with fellow southern folk started to draw my accent out all strong liiiiike (can you hear it????), but I had an fantastic time zooming around the island and photographing Derrick in his pride and joy along with his son Kolten who is just about the cutest little Alabama boy I have ever seen, I could just eat.him.up!  *ROLL TIDE!!*  He was quite the character too, charming all of the ladies in site with his drawl and silly antics.  AND THOSE DIMPLES! It was a blast following alongside Derrick as he cruised the highways along the coastline.  Seeing the enjoyment that fast car brings him is something else!  He and Kolten both beamed ear to ear with pride in that sexy orange challenger!  And what would be a session with a challenger without a little police chase?  Okay, not really...but we could have had you fooled!

I had a BLAST with you boys, I think you've upped my accent up a few notches since we met!  Derrick, the car looks fantastic, thanks for spending time with me and risking getting it dirty, all for the sake of a photo!  I may have to use you handsome gentlemen as models, you're pros!

Now I've got the Duke's of Hazard theme song stuck in my head!