[Kathryn & Tito] In Love.

Some people you meet and within moments just know they will be in your life forever.  You instantly recognize that you were destined to be lovers or friends, and that you have years ahead of you by each other’s side.  In 2004 I walked into Mr. Bosbyshell’s class my first quarter at the Art Institute of Charlotte. I took one of the last seats available next to the slender, blonde-haired blue-eyed Kathryn Williams, doused in multiple tones of pink and attentively waiting for class, one sharpened Hello Kitty pencil next to the other. I certainly didn’t think she would be one I would be sending bridesmaid dress options to, in fact, I am pretty sure that they next day when she showed up for class in bright pink stilettos and rummaged around in her pencil bag for a writing apparatus I shunned her in my head “Will you please take off at least some of those bracelets  that are stacked up to your freakin’ elbow?  I am trying to concentrate here.  And it is 8 A.M., are those heels really necessary?”  Well to Kathryn, the blossoming Fashion student, her brightly embellished heels were absolutely necessary that morning and every morning for the rest of the quarter (how else was she supposed to stand out in a class of other Design students? And who was I to talk?  I wore a ribbon belt.  A ribbon belt.).  Kathryn and I shared a mutual friend and began spending evenings hanging out Uptown together.  Several years after Grand Central had shut it’s partying doors Kathryn and I had developed a relationship neither of us predicted (and joke about to this day.  “I NEVER thought WE would be friends, but look at how close we are now, we’re BEST friends!”  “Gee, well thanks Kathryn.”). Kathryn may not have predicted that seven years after we first met that we would spend countless nights in each other’s company talking and talking and talking until the sun came up, but she did know the first time that she dated her now husband Genaro (Tito for short...it may not make sense but just go with it...) that they had something lasting.  Their first relationship was your typical High School sweetheart scenario, spanning through several months.  Years later, a move to Charlotte, and several dates with Tito in between, Kathryn found herself battling a strong urge to reconnect with her sweetheart, just to call and see if he was alright.  Her intuitions were correct as a recent tragedy had left Tito needing someone to talk to.  That night, they stayed on the phone for hours and shortly after had rekindled their relationship.  Tito always carried a flame for Kathryn, and even though she would never admit it to him, she secretly knew he was the one.  Today they have been married for over a year and are without a doubt the perfect match for each other.

You guys, I love you both oh so much and am so blessed to have you in my life.  You are such a great influence and positive force, I can’t wait to see what God has in store for the two of you.  Maybe a super hero baby?

Oh, and Tito, I am sorry that every time I come over that it is hours before Kathryn and I take a breath from talking and even notice that you have gone, locked  yourself in the bedroom, and are quieting watching Kourtney and Khloe take Miami.  We will try to pay more attention to you, we swear.

Love you both tons.


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