"You know, you live where most people vacation.  Where do you vacation?"-David, my groom from yesterday's elopement as he explained their honeymoon plans around the island. The reverend and I both replied in unison "...Kaua'i".

But truly, we don't vacation much.  Matter-of-fact, Marshall and I joked about how this would be our first real "vacation" since Miami.  MIAMI!  True, we have ventured to Maui together twice, and been to other awesome destinations, but it's usually with a work related purpose.  Rarely do we plan time together of nothingness, so I was beyond excited to head back to the romantic and still manicured island via a 30 minute flight from O'ahu.  During our trip we tested out the new GoPro Hero3 (yo!  I may not be able to hold it still to save my life but I am SO EXCITED FOR SOMETHING THAT GOES UNDERWATER!  FISHIES BEST BE READY!), got a sweet jeep kama'aina upgrade (peace out, economy car) and devoured some delish island tacos made on true Hawai'i time.  We had drinks around a fire, drove in the rain, and I sat in front of a hot tub jet until I bruised my lower back.   Vacationing together is also apparently the time where married couples figure out HOW they like to vacation, because unbeknownst to me there are different forms. I like to see and DO things (I mean, what's the point of going to a new place if you aren't going to eat at the best restaurants and see all the sites?!? THERE'S A WHOLE BIG WORLD OUT THERE!  I thought everyone did this...) and Marshall likes to relax with some good food and good booze and just be.  Something my 40 Days of yoga is teaching me to do more of--more on that later. Truthfully, Marshall is the ying to my yang and our differences that we hold to as our personal truths are really things we each could use more of, so I am thankful for his mirror and encouraging me to slow down.  He is often times right, there are more ways to do things than just what I know.  Like, directions.  Don't tell him I said that.

And did I mention I found this bush growing pink and white fluff balls of fluffiness that I could NOT get over?  IT'S SO FLUFFY IM GONNA DIEEEEEEEEEEEE.


A shaky but fun memoir from our trip--our first venture to Kaua'i.  And a glimpse to my actual husband who pretends like he is intimidating but really is the biggest goofball you ever did see, chasing fish around in the lava puddles with the go pro while I was the one who had to edit it down. The clips are a little discombobulated, but fun to remember non-the-less. I am going to go ahead and plan the videographer (ahemmmm i.e. not me) for that one sooooo....


Kaua'i from Ashley Goodwin on Vimeo.