Lanikai Friday

"It's Aloha Fridayyyyy..." Several months ago I was rummaging the shelves of my most favorite teeny tiny junk shop in Kailua (a charming and quaint beach town) collecting little bits of everything to spend my hard earned money on when I ran across a book carefully titled with gold foil lettering and bursting with fabulous nineteen eighties style local paintings.  With the intention of taking one page out of the book and framing it, the shop owner declared "Ohhh, you're getting the Diana Hansen-Young book!", as if she was sad to part with it.  For weeks I have flipped through the worn pages, falling deeper and deeper in love with the femininely colored illustrations and true-to-life depictions featuring women of the islands.  I just can't bring myself to cut out a page!  So instead, I blog it.

Here's one in particular I love, titled "Lanikai', by  Diana Hansen-Young.