Late night edits.

So I already said I was a 'babbling brook' and when no one is around, I talk to myself. Although I'm currently tired of hearing my own voice in videos every day, here's proof of my crazy in the form of a snippet of recording myself while late night uploads happen.The glasses are real, I have decided my giant mac screen is to blame for my slowly fading vision. That, or my mother's genes. I'm mainly need them for driving at night and am always having to wipe them clean because my eyelashes rub against them! Ugh! And this IS how Marshall dances, don't ever let him tell you otherwise!

Song: the Rangers//Go Hard.

Don't act like you don't just put photo booth up and record things. Random things. In honor of my friend Kathryn for holding our weekly dance team practices I couldn't even begin to tell you about without being judged. HAHAHAH.

I get soooo goofy when I get tired. Just ask Marshall. He knows. He will even say "Are you a tiredddd birddddd? Poorrrr Peeeeetry!" usually when I'm actin' a fool.