Lessons from a botched haircut.

You know I find a lesson in everything, right? So why would my haircut be any different? When it comes to my 'do, it's rare that I keep up with it. Sure, I style it up, but for the past few years it gets a d.i.y. coloring job and highlights compliments of the O'ahu sun. So when it was time for my yearly haircut, I was sadly excited and impatient, and hopped on the first appointment I could get. The salon was fancy, offering a mix of my favorite Aveda products (I had been there before, but sadly had forgotten my experience a year prior) and green tea with way too much splenda. I showed about 8 different photos of the hair I had been coveting, and was met with what felt like confidence behind the scissors. Hours later the chair whirled around as the stylist flipped my locks in front of my shoulders and announced I was "all set!". I glanced at the mirror in front of me in total shock. My hair was lighter, but not over $200 worth, and my 'feathery layers that could be bangs' seemed like hunks of hair bluntly hanging by my cheeks. Fighting back the mix of emotions, I paid my balance, left tips, and hustled to my car, pulling my hair into a bun. I tried every kind of hairstyle I could in hopes my hair wasn't that bad, but the added "layers" that seemed more like a 5 year old was appointed to give me my new look were hard to conceal. Blonde, brown or wavy, even my sweet husband who always declares "don't change your hair, I LIKE it!" agreed: "yeah, maybe you should get a refund...". In the meantime I frantically texted another stylist  Bride (hey Lauren!) had been referred to via instagram (alongside with the salon I left in tears). It was two weeks worth of my hair in topknot later until Kitt was kind enough to get me in and work magic on my botched 'do. As I sat in his chair I was absolutely CONFIDENT that he would be able to work wonders--and I had never even met the guy before, just stalked out his social media. I knew that with so many girls left leaving his salon that he had to be my savior. As he got to work brightening up my hair and evening out my layers we shared conversation and I got a glimpse into his passion. This guy wasn't just someone who went to school for a craft and does it to make a living, he is passionate about it. Working 12 hour days 6 days a week, he never grows tired of giving precise cuts, honing his eye and being one of the best at what he does. As talked about business he commented on how using different mediums and tools help you see and create things different, using the comparison of an artist picking up a different brush and being free to make a stroke they never even knew they could create. Astounded by the sole marketing power of his instagram account, I asked this business school graduate turned independent hairstylist what he 'secret' to killin it was.

"Do good work and people will talk about you".


hair via my Instagram 

Wanna set up an appointment with this mastermind? He is an independent stylist based at KISSA salon by Ala Moana. Kitt, @khietluu on Instagram.